Congratulations! You've reached the new Information Security Office asset registration portal, Socreg. It replaced NetReg on March 1, 2022.

The UC Berkeley Departmental Security Contact Policy requires that campus departments designate a Security Contact to receive security email notifications and alerts for their networked devices. To assist campus departments in maintaining security contact information, Information Security Office (ISO) manages Socreg, a self-service asset registration portal.

Socreg is used by Unit Security Contact members to maintain their registration information. This includes information about the Security Contact and its membership, and registration of Cloud Accounts, Subnet and IP Address space, Devices (in order to use the Campus DHCP service for wired connections), and Protected Data Applications for which the Security Contact is responsible. For more information on the registration portal and how it works see Socreg Documentation.

Socreg is also used by individuals to register individually-owned devices to use the Campus DHCP service on wired network connections. For help registering devices see our Device Registration documentation.